From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more. Then Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you also want to go away?” 
John 6:66-67

There is an old rock song that says, I may be lonely but I’m never alone. Jesus tried so hard to explain the kingdom of God but many could not comprehend what he was saying. The one thing the disciples did get was Jesus had the words of life. Many left the wonderful man of God save a few.

Those that left saw the relationship far to difficult to manage and left Jesus high and dry. The thing about those who left, Jesus knew they would leave. Here is a perfect man who never made a mistake losing most of his friends.

What about us who are less than perfect?. We make mistakes and screw everything up so bad at times we have no one left. I just got off the phone with an elderly Christian friend who has been alone for many years. She starts to question the goodness of God and bluntly wonders if God exists at all. Can you relate? I assured her he is good but then I look at my own life and wonder some of the same things she points out. Loneliness makes you think things that aren’t really true. You start to question all of the things you preach and read about in the Bible. Maybe God never promised you what you thought he did ?. Maybe if leave your bitterness rob you of your joy!

You can be completely surrounded by people and yet they have no idea who you really are. Yes, admittedly some of us have made a ton of mistakes. Some others think have passed the 70 x 7 rule and there is no forgiveness. My heart broke listening to this dear saint of God. I had no answers. The only point I could make is our God is good. I may not have a clue why certain people’s lot are what they are including mine, but I walk forward with the plow in the ground knowing God is good.