6.21.21 When men are left with no accountability

In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.Judges 14:25
  So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.Romans 14:12
Written by Michael Herbert

Since the garden mankind has always tried to make a way to be their own god,  and not be accountable to anyone. That is the rebellious state that we come to find ourselves in. It is only when we give in to the Holy Spirit are we able to turn that lifestyle around. As you see before you no one wants to be accountable to someone else but loves to be their own boss. Even when you explore Corporate America or corporations around the world, everyone has a boss and everyone has someone that they are accountable to whether they acknowledge it or not.

 Even the CEO of a company is accountable to a board and if they fail to meet the expectations of the board they’re out of a job.  Those that are self-employed believe in their heart that they are their own boss, that they make decisions according to themselves and what they believe but even the self-employed are accountable to their clients or they have no business future and all that they worked hard for to be self-employed will fail. It is a good thing to hear people criticize your message and your work because if there is a glimmer of truth to their opinion it will be something that may revolutionize the way you do business and the way you live.

 One of the struggles that we have as Christians is that we’ve run across men and women who are religious leaders who thought they were not accountable to God and started to do their own thing and being warned by God and other men and women of God they did not heed the advice. When a person becomes so prideful if they fail to hear the voices of those who are trying to help them sadly end up dying on the vine because they failed to take the advice of God and decided to do their own thing. As we look at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1–9) the Tower of Babel was man’s attempt to be able to reach God. God had already given how to be in relation with him if the people would have obeyed his word. God allowed the tower to be built knowing fully well it would crash. God allows many to dance down the road of destruction until they can no longer sustain it and falls apart. The attempt failed miserably and a consequence is we learned is that God separated the languages of men and they were no longer able to all speak in one language. The tragedy is that we are born into rebellion and being born into rebellion we have a natural ability to be rebellious. That point is easily demonstrated in a little child who continues to be rebellious until their parents are able to teach them not to. You can usually tell by talking to a person what kind of parents they had by the way they talk. The ones that honor their mother and father and accepted the accountability they had to their mother and father oftentimes did very well 

Accountability keeps boundaries around your mind. Accountability helps prevent disasters from taking place. Simply look at the massive number of dictators this world has known and the horrific atrocities that have taken place to their own people let alone the rest of this world.  Where there is no god the most wickedness takes place. There is no limit to the depth of depravity of man. The unchecked imagination of mankind only produces serious consequences. Would the results be any different for you and me? A true narcissist whose only interest is themselves brings the same results. They rob society and their community of a blessing. Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 NKJV We need God’s grace to survive, but many fail to find it because they are hellbent on being their own god. What chance do we have of survival if we fail to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into the truth of God’s word?