Photo by: Nance Bove

You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book? Psalms 56:8



Written by Michael Herbert

David was going through a very difficult time being a prisoner in the enemy’s camp. He states to the Lord to put his tears in a bottle. God certainly collected not only David’s tears in a bottle but your and mine as well. Every time we cry in either happiness or sorrow God collects our tears. They are preserved until the time we are ushered into heaven in which time God will show you that every time you cried he remembered. Every time your emotions overwhelmed he didn’t forsake you nor leave you to fend for yourself, but instead, he remembers. As a mom, he has collected your tears when crying for your kids or your husband. As a dad, he collects your tears when you realize you weren’t as strong as you thought you were. As a teen, he collects your tears when choices don’t turn out as you planned or you experience tragedy and have not had to deal with it before. All in all, God does remember your cry and with every tear is ready to pour out an extra measure of grace to help us deal with the emotional times in our lives when we do not know what to say but our heart cries out in tears.

Friend, God cares for you very much. You might think you are all alone to face the world but, God says never, I am always with you. In good times and in sorrowful times his goodness is always a prayer away. When no one will understand you God does. He collects our tears to show us he was with us all along. Daddy God has a shoulder big enough for everyone to use. Amen